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The animals on the farm

At Baugsstaðir there is one dog, four cats, lots of chickens and horses. 

In the beach you can find all kinds of wildlife.

Below will be pictures and information about our animals.
(this is still a work in progress)


Born: 2002

Color: Jarp-skjóttur 

He is very smart and knows how to open both doors and fence gates. He likes chicken food very well and used to open the door to the storage room where he was.

Vakri Skjóni.jpg


Born: 2003

Color: Jarpur, breiðblesóttur, glaseygður

Höfdi is everyone's friend. He wants to join in the fun and is always the first to greet someone. He is very manicurous, which is great, because then you can do so many beautiful things to his mane.



Born: 2007

Color: Ghostly dusty, starry night

Skáti is everyone's favorite. He has endless patience with the kids and doesn't get upset if there is commotion and chaos around him.



Fædd: 2009

Litur: Rauð, breið-blesótt

Blæja is a complete babe. She is very fond of the kids and takes good care of them. However, she has a small heart and has not yet found the courage to do all the puzzles in the paddock. 

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